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Shatter the Silence

A close friend told me you will learn to not let it affect you with other people, but you will never forget. I share my story so others know they are valid.


 It wasn’t your fault, even if you were drunk. You don’t deserve this. Someone does believe you and you are not meaningless. You are not damaged, you are not broken. You are strong.


 I couldn’t save myself or every other little child after me but I just wanted to tell you that it’s ok to share your secret, people do care, and you are strong you just needed a push.


I believe you and know that you will make it through this process. Stay strong and remember that you are not alone in this.


Enough is enough, and I am so ready to shatter my silence.


It was just something about your speech today, and I'm not sure entirely what it was, but it really helped me try and understand that I need to forgive myself. Which years later is still incredibly hard to do, but thanks to you I really think I should try and start.



Katie’s talk leads students to consider what they, as individuals acting in their communities, can do to reduce the occurrence of sexual violence. Her story leads to a bigger picture of how we grease the wheels of social change.

Assistant Dean of Harvard College for Student Life

A seemingly small detail to the average person, remembering the color of your room, meant so much to me. You have given me hope. Hope that every day doesn’t have to be such a constant struggle and the yellow bedroom doesn’t have to constantly consume me.


I haven't yet dealt with my pain and confusion with a professional, but I wanted to tell you that I don't feel so alone now that I heard your story. There was mine. Thank you for listening.